Who is Buddy the Book®?
Buddy the Book® is a fictional, book character, who was created by Estelle Lazell on March 6, 1998 in her story, The Book That Wanted to be Read.

What is the Buddy the Book® Workshop?
The Buddy the Book Workshop is a writing enrichment program designed for children ages 6-12. Right now, we are offering it both as an at-home program and as a tuition-based enrichment class. The program begins with  a read-aloud of The Book That Wanted to be Read, which is followed by a writing and arts & crafts activity.

Can I register for an enrichment or special interest class now?
To learn more about the available classes and how to register and enroll for them, please read our post HERE.

When should I expect to receive my orders?
As we are experiencing some delays due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are only accepting pre-orders of our hardcover book and Story Booklets. The book is expected sometime in fall 2020, and the Story Booklets will arrive in May or June. You can get access to this material within the next week or two by purchasing the Individual or Group Workshop Kit.

For any other questions, please email isaac@craftedthought.com

Try the Buddy the Book® Workshop at Home!

Check out our online store to order your own copy of The Book That Wanted to be Read, the Story Booklet, or a combined Workshop Kit! Although we are having some delays receiving our new inventory due to the Coronavirus, you still can get your hands on this material today! Learn more about our Group Workshop Kit and other offerings by clicking the button below.