Who is Buddy the Book®?
Buddy the Book® is a fictional, book character, who was created by Estelle Lazell on March 6, 1998 in her story, The Book That Wanted to be Read.

What is the Buddy the Book® Workshop?
The Buddy the Book Workshop is a writing enrichment program designed for children ages 6-12. It can be used in the daytime classroom to complement an existing writing curriculum, or it can serve as a stand-alone, tuition-based class. The program begins with  a read-aloud of The Book That Wanted to be Read, which is followed by a writing and arts & crafts activity.

Can I register for an enrichment or special interest class now?
To learn more about the available classes and how to register and enroll for them, please read our post here.

When should I expect to receive my pre-orders?
If you only pre-ordered one or more copies of The Book That Wanted to be Read, you may not receive these units until late in 2020 or early 2021. If you only pre-ordered one or more Story Booklets, you will receive these units no later than September of 2020. Any workshop kits that include one or more books and booklets, you may receive these as late as March 2021. You can reach out to isaac@craftedthought.com to ask questions about specific pre-orders to get exact details.

For any other questions, please email isaac@craftedthought.com

Enroll in a Class Today!

Right now, we are offering tuition-based classes throughout a number of cities in Arizona. In the coming months, we are expanding to other states throughout the US. Click the button below and learn how to enroll in a Buddy the Book® class today!