The Book That Wanted to be Read

Hardcover, 11″ x 8.5″ page size, 20 pages

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The Book That Wanted to be Read

The Book That Wanted to be Read

By: Isaac Ost & Estelle Lazell

Join Buddy the Book® in his experience at the bookstore, where he dreams of what it would be like to have someone take him home and read his pages. With so many exciting stories to share, Buddy the Book will take you on a fascinating journey and show you that anyone can tell an interesting story.

I can teach them about pirates and ships,
Treasures and Kings,
Animals that fly or swim in the ocean,
Cars that move with lots of motion…

As Buddy the Book® begins to share his stories, his tales take on a life of their own within the bookstore around him. These characters and ideas flow outside of his pages to create an exciting and immersive environment for Buddy to explore.

With light-footed rhymes and catching illustrations, this tale is the perfect introduction to the world of storytelling.



After a reading of The Book That Wanted to be Read, you can use Buddy the Book’s message to inspire a child to create their own illustrated book!

Just like Buddy, every child has something interesting to share. This is why it is so important to get children engaged in their creative passions.

Story Booklet (Patent-Pending)

Imagine yourself or another individual as a book. Through the perspective of this “Book Character” (narrator), create an illustrated text in your very own Story Booklet!

Story Booklet

Designed Booklet
Booklet Front
Lacey the Book
Booklet Inside
Booklet Back

The Story Booklet takes the traditional writing booklet and converts it into the shape of a Book Character like Buddy. Use the Story Booklet to enrich any writing project by adding a new and exciting twist! The booklet has a title page and 10 additional pages to add text and illustration.

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Buddy the Book® Workshop

The Buddy the Book® Workshop combines our children’s book and Story Booklets with complementary resources to create a project-based learning experience. We offer resources in PDF format to help facilitate two kinds of activities: 1) Social and emotional learning (SEL) and 2) English language arts (ELA). The SEL version helps students solve a social, emotional, or behavioral problem through creative writing, while the ELA version helps facilitate the creation of narrative, opinion, and informative text types.

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