Buddy the Book® Writing Framework

The Buddy the Book® Writing Framework is an evidence-based model that enhances the end-to-end writing experience for students in grades 2-5. Our model empowers students to create illustrated literary works, while enabling teachers to better align their literacy instruction to existing standards. This innovative approach to literacy instruction begins with a reading of our children’s book along with an exciting digital art activity on our online application. Afterwards, students create an illustrated book using the custom writing booklets that we provide. These resources give students an experience that, at minimum, can be expected to yield the following outcomes:

1) Increased student interest and engagement in reading and writing

2)  More enjoyable and relevant reading and writing experiences

3) Boosted student confidence in reading and writing

An Evidence-Based Model

During the Fall 2023 semester, our writing framework was tested by 8 teachers with 289 students in grades 2-4. The data we gathered demonstrates how our solution drastically enhances the student’s learning experience and helps the teacher execute their job more effectively. Our model was successful for even the most reluctant students, some of whom had never previously had a positive writing experience. Read more about these incredible student and teacher experiences by clicking the button below.

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Our Resources

Illustrated Children’s Book

Begin with a reading of our children’s book, The Book That Wanted to be Read, to introduce Buddy the Book® and the concept of imaging oneself or another individual as a book. Our children’s book is available in hardcover format or as a free online eBook.

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Online Design Application

Students complete a 1-class activity using our free online design application to create their own “Book Character,” like Buddy the Book®. Use our tutorial video to help you administer this activity in the most effective way. Then, each student will write a text related to their character.

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Physical Story Booklet

Now, students can write any text type and connect it in some manner to the Book Character that they designed. For example, Abraham Lincoln the Book shares an informative text about the Civil War.


Video & Pictures

Story Booklet

Pirate the Book
Story Booklet Front
Lacey the Book
Story Booklet Inside
Monster the Book
Booklet Back

The Story Booklet takes the traditional writing booklet and converts it into the shape of a Book Character like Buddy. Use the Story Booklet to enrich any writing project by adding a new and exciting twist! The booklet has a title page and 10 additional pages to add text and illustration.

Online Design Application