Shipping Details

Description: Begin any writing project by introducing Buddy the Book® through a read-aloud of The Book That Wanted to be Read. Then, each participant can imagine themselves or another individual as a book and will create an illustrated text in a Story Booklet. Additional curriculum material is provided in PDF format to assist with narrative, opinion, and informative text types.


  • 1 Hardcover Copy of The Book That Wanted to be Read (*Sent immediately after purchase*)
  • 5 Story Booklets (*3 Booklets sent immediately after purchase*)
  • Access to all versions of the PDF material (narrative, opinion, and informative text types)

Expected Arrival: For only this order, 2 of the Story Booklets will be shipped in May 2020. This is due to delays on our new inventory stemming from the ongoing pandemic. All other materials will arrive 1-2 weeks after your purchase.