Buddy the Book

On March 6, 1998, Estelle Lazell wrote the story, The Book That Wanted to be Read, to serve as an introduction to her new fictional character, Buddy the Book. It wasn’t until August of 2018 when she finally decided to turn her story into a physical, illustrated children’s book. She went to her grandson, Isaac Ost, and asked him if he would be interested. Isaac loved the story and thought that it would be a great side-project to work on.

As he began to work on this project, Isaac’s two younger siblings, aged 7 and 8 at the time, watched him and became inspired to work on their own illustrated story. Isaac used the information he learned and simplified it so his younger siblings could implement those concepts in their projects. Through this process, Isaac realized that Buddy the Book could be used as a vehicle to get children engaged in their own creative passions. Over several months of validation and research, this idea developed into the Buddy the Book Workshop.

Crafted Thought LLC

Crafted Thought’s mission is to provide products and services to help children craft their ideas into tangible creations. Starting with the Buddy the Book® Brand, Crafted Thought will provide enrichment classes and materials for existing classes to help children craft their ideas into illustrated stories. The Buddy the Book® Brand will continue to be developed with the focus around children’s and youth education.


Isaac Ost

Founder & CEO at Crafted Thought LLC

Isaac Ost is an author, inventor, and entrepreneur. He has a background in hardware and software and spent the majority of his time at the University of Arizona working on different startup companies. Through these ventures, Isaac learned about all areas of business, and even got one of his hardware/software inventions patented.

After graduating in August 2016, he spent some time working as a user experience designer and freelance writer until deciding to go full-time at Crafted Thought LLC in 2019. Isaac worked closely with several teachers and administrators while developing the Buddy the Book Workshop. He also used his extensive background in lean startup methodology to develop the workshop based on real feedback and data, as well as to validate the hypotheses he made in the early stages of development.

Estelle Lazell


Estelle Lazell is the original author of The Book That Wanted to be Read and the originator of the Buddy the Book character. Together with her grandson, Isaac, this story was refined and transformed into an illustrated children’s book to then become part of the Buddy the Book Workshop.

Estelle has a passion for writing and has a number of unpublished, short stories that are planned for illustration and publication in the coming years.