Beginning in September of 2020, Crafted Thought LLC will be offering our educational resources to students in the after school enrichment setting. The Buddy the Book® resources are offered in this setting in two ways: 1) Simple material sales to existing after school classes in the area of literacy and social & emotional learning, and 2) Stand-alone, vendor based enrichment classes that are taught by a subcontracted Crafted Thought instructor. Below are the details for the classes that we are offering.

Class Title: Buddy the Book® Workshop

Grades: 1st-5th

Class Type: Group class that includes reading, writing, illustration, and arts & crafts activities. May also include an optional SEL component

Length: In general, the Buddy the Book® Workshop is organized into a 4-Week session that meets once a week for a period of 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Description: The Buddy the Book® Workshop provides students with a fun and engaging project-based learning activity that helps them create their own illustrated book! The class begins by introducing Buddy the Book® through a read-aloud of the children’s book, The Book That Wanted to be Read. After this, each student will imagine themselves or another individual as a book. Through the perspective of this “Book Character” (narrator), they will create an illustrated narrative, opinion, or informative text. Further, the instructor may choose to add an optional Social & Emotional component that allows students to adapt one of the 3 text types to a SEL topic. Each student gets their own Story Booklet to create their book, which have legs, movable arms, and 10 internal pages to write and illustrate. After finalizing their illustrated texts, the students will finish the class by designing the covers of their Story Booklets to resemble the Book Characters that they developed. Additional resources are provided in PDF format to help facilitate the ELA and SEL activities. You can learn more at

Goals & Objectives: There are 3 main goals/objectives for our after school enrichment classes:

  1. Give students a more exciting and engaging medium to write and create an illustrated book
  2. Make SEL more accessible to students by offering a simple way to incorporate those topics into their projects
  3. Give teachers more flexibility with how they foster the development of the key competencies within Arizona’s ELA standards and CASEL’s SEL framework

Required Student Materials: Pencil, pen, notebook, and folder. Everything else is provided by Crafted Thought LLC, which includes the Story Booklet that each enrolled student gets to keep and bring home, along with additional arts & crafts materials.

Below are all of the classes that are either scheduled already, or are in the process of being scheduled. Registration information and scheduling will be added as soon as that is made available.


  • Scottsdale Unified School District (when in-person returns)
    • Dates & Times: TBD
    • Location: One or more SUSD elementary schools
    • Instructor: TBD
    • Registration/Enrollment: TBD

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at