Buddy the Book® Online

The Buddy the Book® Online Portal provides our children’s book and Story Booklets to users for free through an online format. Our hardcover children’s book is converted to an online eBook and our Story Booklets can be designed and shared using our custom design application!

Online Activities

Online Read-Aloud

Begin with a reading of our children’s book, The Book That Wanted to be Read, to introduce Buddy the Book® and the concept of imaging oneself or another individual as a book. Our children’s book is offered in the form of an online eBook that you can access through our website.

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Story Booklet Digital Design

Our Online Design Tool allows users to develop their own “Book Character,” like Buddy the Book®. Users can draw, use existing stickers, and import their own images to create their final character design. They can create multiple projects, save, edit, and share their designs with friends and family!

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What’s the Story?

Each Book Character that you create can share their own unique and exciting story. After completing and downloading your final design, begin brainstorming ideas for what your character would share with their readers.

Get a physical Story Booklet from our online shop when you are ready to write your text! Our tools and resources are designed to make the writing process more fun and relevant, which results in improved information processing and better long-term memory storage.