Story Booklet 30-Pack

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Description: Imagine yourself of another individual as a book! Then, create an illustrated text through the perspective of this “Book Character” (narrator).

Each Story Booklet is made of thick, high quality paper and is perfect for writing, drawing, and other arts & crafts activities. The Story Booklets are shaped as a Book Character, like Buddy the Book®, and have legs and movable arms. There is a title page and 10 additional pages for adding text and illustrations!

FREE Printable Resources: Included are a number of free PDF packets to help guide you through the process of creating your illustrated story.

  • Narrator Development
  • Text Content Planning
  • Text Structure Planning
  • Illustration Planning

Specifications: 30 quantity. 8.5” x 11.5”. Title page and 10 additional pages for text and illustrations. Plastic Spiral Bound. Child-safe eyelets to attach arms.

Expected Arrival: 2-3 weeks after purchase



Story Booklet Demo