Buddy the Book® Workshop

The Buddy the Book® Workshop is a writing enrichment program for elementary-aged students. The program is designed to complement a teacher’s existing writing projects and curriculum by providing an exciting and engaging framework to operate within. In addition, the Buddy the Book® Workshop can be differentiated from student to student to provide a personalized, project-based learning experience.

Narrative, Opinion, & Informative Text Types

Use the Buddy the Book® Workshop to facilitate narrative, opinion, and informative writing. By first imagining themselves or another individual as a book, the students can approach their projects in a unique and engaging way. Here are a few examples:

Example Writing Projects

Isaac Ost the Book shares a story
about a seed that grew out of a toilet.

Susan B. Anthony the Book shares an
informative essay about social activism.

Elon Musk the Book shares an opinion
text arguing that we should move to Mars.

Before having your students work on a writing project, ask yourself: “Would it be more interesting for them to simply write this text, or to imagine the narrator or central figure as a book and generate the text through that perspective?”

By giving each student the opportunity to develop a “Book Character” before planning and writing their text, they can get more engaged and invested in the creation process. Their character will serve as a foundation for their text and will fuel their minds with new ideas that they may have not came up with otherwise.

Complementary PDF Resources

Outside of our books and Story Booklets, the rest of our material is made available in the form of printable PDF files. These resources may be used to aid both the instructor and participants through each activity in the program. Click each box below to learn more.

Instructor Guides

Participant Activities

Participant Evaluation

In the Classroom

The Buddy the Book® Workshop is perfect for any teacher that is looking to add an exciting twist to their writing curriculum. Our program can be differentiated from student to student and applied to almost any writing project. Shop now and get the Buddy the Book® Workshop today!

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After School & Summer Classes

The Buddy the Book® Workshop is also being offered as a stand-alone after school and summer enrichment class. Each class is taught by a qualified elementary school teacher. We are offering these classes in a number of cities in Arizona and are working to get our classes offered by school districts in Fall 2020. Click the button below to learn more about what classes are available near you!

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